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    Not withstanding the desire to test this one, I thought someone did the distance v energy comparisons.

    It was quite interesting that the horizontal alignment was equally important and the inital handshaking was the crucial part of the misalignment distance.


    One thing to bear in mind with this kit was the external signal from the charger.

    I used it to detect if the device was removed and signal to the server it was 'offline' and may not receive updates.


    The discussions we had with Wurth before the Beyond the Phone challenge started was very rewarding.

    I helped a school project that was looking at technology to assit the elderly, and lead me to suggest using the technology to charge their devices.

    I find it hard enough to sort out which way up the micro usb goes, and they are rather fragile, so anything that eliminates that problem is a blessing.




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  • 06/21/17--16:36: Re: Introduction
  • Finally some more NZ'ers.


    It's a great pace to expand your horizons and the best way is Road Tests, Design Challenges and the e14 challenge launched each month.



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    I've been around the tech community for a while, I've watched tutorials and enjoy the ben heck show and I have acquired several parts over the last few years, and I've decided to try and put them together.


    I have;
    BeagleBones Black

    Thing-printer's Replicape Replicape rev B - Thing-Printer

    ER-TFT050-3 5" display with driver board (RTD2660)


    the replicape does consume almost all the pins from the BBB - but what I'm trying to do is connect the LCD IO pins to the TFT screen

    the only problem is, the connectors for the drver board don't really encompass IO inputs.

    I have a few other LCD screens procured from junk tablets, second-hand cam's etc if this display isn't ideal



    things like this work fine if you buy kitbashing parts but this has me stumped as how to connect this TFT display with the touch screen to the BBB

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    I don't have any of the hardware yet, but I am trying to plan for acquisition.  Can someone tell me how the mSata connection is situated on the add-on card?  In particular, if I were to buy a true mSata drive, would it fit within the Desktop inclosure?  I haven't seen any pictures of the Desktop "card" so I don't know what to expect in the way of mSata connectivity.  Thanks!!!

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  • 06/22/17--10:24: Re: e14 employee in ranking
  • congratulations

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  • 06/22/17--10:42: BOM ULP File for Eagle
  • Hello,


    I have designed a PCB in Eagle and I want to have it printed using the Seeed Studio service. I tried to generate the BOM using 'run bom.ulp', but the file does not have an output that agrees with the seeed BOM template. I am new to Eagle, and don't really know how to create an .ulp file, but I was wondering if anyone knows of the existence of an .ulp file that generates a BOM that follows the seeed template. I looked on their website and I could not find any .ulp file.


    Thank you,


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    Pinball has evolved a lot over the years. Scores used to be displayed with mechanical numbers that would rotate as you racked up points. That evolved into using 7-segment displays, then LEDs, and now some even used monitors to track players and points. Some mechanisms have gotten more sophisticated, while others remain classic. At the Midwest Gaming Classic, as well as my local arcades and bars, I've tried out quite a few pinball games. I've found that different things draw me to love some games more than others. Sometimes it is the theme. Sometimes the flow and feel of the game makes the ball seem to travel smoother making it superior to others. Sometimes there is a certain mechanism or feature that just makes the game more fun. I especially like the games that have a mini play field at the top that feels like playing a mini game where it is fun to see how long you can keep the ball up without the fear of losing the game if it drains. I've played games where the LEDs are just too bright and it hurts to look at or the ball is difficult to track through the lights and displays. My favorite games are a mix of old and new either because of smoothness of play or fun theme/mechanisms.


    What's your favorite pinball game and why?

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  • 06/22/17--11:17: Re: Crimp Dies
  • I believe that are, and this page seems to mention a compatibility too: Crimp Die Sets by Paladin - Lashen Electronics

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  • 06/22/17--11:21: Re: e14 employee in ranking
  • What? Why?

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    fits just fine. plugs in flat on top of the add on card. I'm using a 250

    Gb msata ssd drive, pi boots from it and the full dist-upgrade occupied

    about 12 % of the drive.

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    Hello. I am currently working on a project that requires making a robot crawler capable of going through mud, sand, demolition debris, pipes for inspecting certain sections of building and installations sites. Is there a certain cable that can be used for both, powering the rover as well as steering and recording ? Or I will have to use two separate sets of cables and design some sheathing system that will keep them together ? The components that will be used are 9v 1 dc motor, 1 5v polarity switch, 1  and a microcamera.


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    I recently was trying to do a few things with a Pi3, and it consistently hung when I tried to update the system (sudo apt-get update/upgrade). It did everything else well enough, so I wonder if that's power related, with the upgrade making the WiFi work extra hard - maybe not, but I thought I'd look into it.


    I've also noticed that my older Pi1 will hang once in a while (every few months), and that's a bit of an issue now that I'm using it as my sprinkler controller - reliability has become much more important.


    While searching for help online, I noticed peteroakes did some research and made a nice blog entry explaining the role the USB cables have in the power issues. (Thanks Peter!)


    In a nutshell, some cables cause a voltage drop that puts the supply too far below the ideal 5v voltage level for the Pi.

    The problem is that once in a while the Pi draws enough power to make the voltage dip into the danger zone.

    (Some places sell adapters with a higher voltage to compensate. AdaFruit, for example sells a 5.25v adapter for the RPi, and notes that 5.25v is still within the specifications for USB, so even with a perfect no-loss USB cable that should be safe.)


    One notable item, to me, was that the Pi has some serious power dips on a regular basis, regardless of the cables - just that the better supplies+cables start with higher levels at the Pi and the dips don't take it down too far.


    So here's my thought - capacitors are supposed to help against dips and spikes, right?


    Is there a way to add some really big capacitor at the Pi side to help avoid such dips (and maybe spikes too) ?


    I'm thinking VIN-GND with a 1,000+ uF cap? I have one rated 1,000 at 10v, also I see 1,800 at 16v, both should handle 5v-ish well.


    Otherwise, maybe splice a USB cable to add the large cap near the micro-USB plug end?


    Will that cause trouble? Will it help at all?




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    Yes, the capacitance on the input to the Pi would probably not fix the issue you are having. Upgrading the power supply and the USB cable would help greatly but the post you mentioned also included wire gauge and current ratings. A typical USB port can only supply 1.5A anyway. 


    From some of the things you've said I wonder if there is a memory leak in some of the software its running. Maybe try monitoring memory usage during runtime and record the numbers over time? I have done some scripting in my early days that crashed an i7.   

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    >I wonder if there is a memory leak

    The Pi1 sprinkler hang could indeed be a software issue. During the sprinkling season I'll probably remote-desktop into it once in a while to give it a good old fashioned reboot.


    The Pi3 is a different story, as it's a blank install of Raspbian (Pixel), latest version direct from

    For that I think I just need to take some more time to test and measure, maybe also trying an older image.




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    Yes, unwatched minions tend to run amok.



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    I was looking at the number of views for my embedded video content and noticed that some videos had single digit view counts whereas others had view counts in the hundreds.

    I also noticed that the videos with single digit view counts all had a little padlock symbol beside the title.  When I click on the title a viewer window opens and I can view the video, but there is a tag on the video that says it is only visible to me.


    I don't recall ever limiting visibility of any of my videos.  In fact, I don't know how you select such a restriction.


    I poked around, but could not figure out how to change the visibility setting.


    Is there a reason why several of my videos have restricted visibility?

    Can I change the visibility so that others can see them?




    Mark A

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  • 06/23/17--14:50: Re: e14 employee in ranking
  • TIL.


    Tariq, Randy, Phil, Dan, and yours truly have been excluded from the rankings. We're Number #0! I believe those are all the recent newbies, but I'll do some spot checking "just in case".


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    My question was more about the dips at the Pi end being a concern.

    Well.... The pi will boot (which seems to be a bit more demanding in my testing) fine with the voltage at the pi being 2.8V or 2.9V. It kept running down to a few hundred mV less, as long as it had completed the boot process.


    So for the pi to crash you need pretty serious dips....


    If you say your cable is OK, then the pi is simply pulling the powersupply into an overcurrent condition or something like that.

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    I am still struggling to run pidesktop without errors.

    I have an sata drive 120gb connected inside the pi desktop.

    The error when I run pidesktop.deb is:

    "Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory" two times, as shown in the attached picture.

    pidesktop error.jpg

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    Good spotting.


    The Sensing pin A0-A3 need to connect between the FSR and the pulldown resistor.


    Also PWM is only available on some pins.


    You might want to change the Fan output to one to other pins (D3 will work)


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